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Below is a sample of our most frequent FAQ's, though we understand that to get the most out of a project, communication is vital and we are on hand for any questions you may have.
We have been involved with websites since the days of notepad and HTML which were at the forefront of web design. Due to our passion for design and web development we’ve continued our learning experiences and are able to offer cutting edge web-development with a friendly  and engaging attitude to any who come our way.
With integrity being our keystone, we don’t have any hidden costs and will remain up front and honest throughout the development & design process.

Due to the wide variety of what people and businesses require from a website, we cannot provide concrete quote until we know the specifics of what you require. What we can say is that we charge a site-build fee which includes web hosting, a domain name and any ongoing minor updates for the first 12 months. Should you require larger updates, we charge at an hourly rate. Please get in touch to be provided with a free estimated quote.

This is pretty standard rule everywhere – payment in two stages; 50% upfront and 50% on completion. Our hourly rates to be agreed during the development stage and should your project be larger in scale, naturally we will also discuss all available pricing options.

As we’re sure you understand, a website is which isn’t maintained will eventually break down. TLC is required to ensure it remains fresh and vibrant. All of our websites are built using WordPress, which means that any pages which are not regularly maintained are likely to fall victim to security & performance issues, for this reason all of our quotes include a mandatory monthly fee. 

The standard flat fee is £30 per month, which will cover all security, plug-in and software updates. 

Projects requiring specialised plug-ins (Event bookings, membership features, eCommerce etc) will be priced accordingly. 

Absolutely. All of our sites are designed to work on Desktop, Tablet & Mobile.

Each of our designs will be unique and as a result we won’t be relying on out of the box templates. although we can’t put an exact time on each project we can offer our promise that we will communicate with you consistently throughout the design and development phases to ensure that you get exactly what you want. We’ll only be an Email or phone call away to answer any and all queries.

Naturally, each site is as unique as the next, we appreciate that you may have many more questions, please get in touch for more answers.